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Our team is passionate about improving the lives of patients and are committed to quality. With expertise in a variety of areas, our team collaborates with you to meet your project goals.


  • Andrea Agree, PhD
    Regulatory Scientist
  • Janna Chambers
    Manager, Quality and Client Services
  • Steve Charlebois, PhD
    Vice President, Engineering
  • Brooke Corcoran
    Manager, Marketing Communications
  • Dan Dillon
    Senior Regulatory Scientist
  • Trish Dine
  • Neal Fearnot, PhD
  • Jonathan Fox
  • David Gross, PhD
    Director, MRI Safety Evaluations and Director, Engineering Simulations
  • Brandon Gulker
    Manager, Engineering
  • Ted Heise, PhD, RAC
    Vice President, Regulatory and Clinical Services
  • Laura Hiles, RN, BSN, CCRA Alumnus CCRN
    Director, Business Systems
  • Eric Jones
    Desktop Support Specialist
  • Pratik Kalsaria
    Clinical Project Manager
  • Amy Kester
    Engineer, CAD Specialist
  • Stephen Kim, PhD
    Senior Computational Modeling and Simulation Analyst
  • Kimberly Koning
    Quality & Business Systems Specialist
  • Alan Leewood, PhD
    Director, Advanced Engineering
  • Alex Lewis
  • Justin Metcalf
    Director, Engineering Services
  • Brian Nank
    Database Applications Developer
  • Joe Obermiller
    Senior Engineer
  • Mike Otlewski
    Clinical Program Scientist
  • Justin Renfrow
    Contracts Director
  • Hayley Steidinger
    Research Scientist
  • Colleen Tennyson
    Treasurer and Management Representative; Director, Quality Assurance and Quality System
  • Bill Voorhees, PhD
    Vice President and Chief Science Officer
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