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Computational Modeling and Simulation

Durability (Fatigue Life) Evaluation

Finite element analysis results can be utilized to evaluate fatigue life of medical devices by extracting mean and alternating stress or strain information and then plotting against the constant life curve (fatigue endurance limit) to provide fatigue safety factors of devices. Among a family of devices which have similar geometry and are made of the same material, only the case with the lowest fatigue safety factor under the corresponding loading mode will need to be tested for regulatory submissions.

White papers
Constant Life Curve
How do we identify the worst-case device for fatigue life testing

Constant Life Curve of the Material

Combined with physical testing of device samples (preferred) or samples subject to identical processing to the device, finite element analysis can also provide constant life curve (fatigue endurance limit) of the devices for the evaluation of the fatigue life and fatigue safety factor calculation.