AIMD MRI safety

MRI Safety

We recently updated our website to highlight our capability of evaluating the MRI safety of active implantable medical devices (AIMDs).

As our new AIMD MRI safety webpage explains, AIMDs are implanted devices that depend on an external electrical energy source for their functionality. This distinguishes them from electrically passive implantable medical devices and requires additional risk assessments for patients in an MRI environment, such as unintended device stimulation and device malfunction.

MED Institute’s team of engineers and analysts are equipped to perform all MRI safety evaluations for AIMDs outlined in ISO/TS 10974:2018 and have successfully provided MR Conditional labelling for several commercially available AIMDs. Our access to low field strength MRI scanners (e.g., 1.2 T and 0.55 T) allows us to provide labeling for AIMDs that may have otherwise been labeled MR Unsafe or have significantly restrictive labeling.

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