AUTM 2016 Annual Meeting

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Earlier this month MED Institute exhibited at the 2016 Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) meeting in San Diego. This meeting allows industry dealmakers and investors to network with nearly every academic research institution in the world in one place, at one time. Although this was our first time as an exhibitor, we were able to catch up with several “old friends” at the meeting. One of the areas in which MED has been able to make the biggest impact on innovation is at the Tech Transfer & Innovation Center level. There is no shortage of brilliant minds and exceptional technology at the university level. Unfortunately, those technologies can linger in portfolios due to a lack of resources needed to advance the technology to a point of licensing or commercialization. This is where MED can make a difference.

MED was started more than 30 years ago with the premise of taking an idea from a cocktail napkin drawing to a fully approved medical device. Partnering with leading universities both inside and outside the US has been one of our biggest successes. We have been able to help our clients either sell, or license, or take their projects through the regulatory approval process. With the vast IP portfolios that many institutions possess, MED can assist in taking an idea from paper to a finished product that helps patients.



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