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Regenerative Medicine

Our Regenerative Medicine team can offer comprehensive solutions to the unique and rapidly evolving pre-clinical, regulatory and clinical challenges with cellular, tissue and gene therapy medicines. Our team employs a range of cell and molecular biological assays to enable the development and characterization of ancillary products (e.g., cell culture media) and novel therapeutics (e.g., advanced cell and gene therapies).

Biological Testing

  • Process improvement
  • Concept development and proof-of-concept
  • Protein characterization
  • Bioassay development (e.g., potency, purity, identity)

Chondrogenic differentiation assayChondrogenic differentiation assay





Animal Studies

  • Small and large animal models

rodent heterotopic ossification





Regulatory and Clinical

  • Scientific expertise

MED Regenerative Medicine services support product, process, and method development. We leverage the experience and capability of MED’s established service areas, such as regulatory and clinical, to drive our client’s development work forward, navigate the regulatory landscape, and meet business objects.



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