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Another Audit Celebration

Passing an audit by an accreditation body has become fairly routine for MED Institute; we’ve been audited to ISO 17025 for 12 years now, ISO 14155 for 11, ISO 13485 for 15 years and ISO 9001 for 7 years before that. In addition to accreditation audits, MED undergoes client audits on a regular basis. Client audits provide another way for us to show off our robust system and also a way to improve our quality system with different perspectives. We pride ourselves on maintaining a flexible system and enjoy celebrating meeting our customers’ needs through the audit process. One way we like to celebrate is with cotton candy, because who doesn’t enjoy fresh, made from scratch sugar? Our Director of Engineering Services, Justin Metcalf, brings his own cotton candy machine, so we always have access to sweet treats when celebration calls!

Metcalf cotton candy 2




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