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Benefits of Partnering with a Mid-Sized CRO

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Having been involved in the medical device CRO industry for the past 14-years, I have witnessed rapid changes in the industry. Most notably, there has been much consolidation in the industry, with many mid -size CROs being acquired by larger CROs. Some of these larger CROs are acquiring medical device focused CROs to gain entry into this market.

This consolidation has had a profound impact on the industry and is impacting the number of mid-sized CROs in the market. While large CROs fill a need in the medical device market, I am convinced that there is still a need for smaller CROs.

This paper discusses some of the benefits that mid-sized CROs offer sponsors and how they will remain a valuable asset to the medical device market.

Mid-sized CRO

Benefits of Partnering with a Mid-Sized CRO


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